Learn CashFX is published by the CFX-DreamTeam who are

Adam from Sydney & Chris from Melbourne.


We are not affiliated with CashFX. We are just two run of the mill members of CashFX from Australia sharing our own tales and learnings from other members. We will be sharing the good AND the bad (if any). You will get real accounts of our journeys and our team members journeys. If you want to join us on the journey please feel free to use our team member sign up link which is in the footer of each page.

Subscribe to our blog to follow our story, join our team to benefit from our knowledge. We will personally help you succeed on CashFX and build your team with proven methods and strategies. Your success is our success. We also have a private, Dream Team only FaceBook page where members are encouraged to swap notes with other members and solve any issues with the collective minds.

You will be in good company, no nay sayers or negative Nancies just good people that are pumped to be members of CashFX.

Of course our motivation to build this website and a community around it is so we can build up our team and receive commissions. That is the whole point to the MLM side of CashFX and it takes a lot of resources to build upon and maintain this site but we do hope you find this site helpful even if you are not a Dream Team member.


A Few Images from Where We Live

Koala - CashFX member
Melbourne CashFX member
Uluru, Australia - CashFX member
Kangaroo, Australia - CashFX member
Victoria, Australia - CashFX member
Sydney Harbour, Australia- CashFX member
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