Is CashFX a scam?

Is CashFX a scam? Is CashFX a ponzi? Is CashFX a pyramid? Is CashFX legit? Should I join CashFX Group?

If you are doing your due diligence on CashFX or CFX as it is also known these are the type of search terms you no doubt would have typed into Google. Both Chris and I did so and what you normally find on Google can be quite discouraging.

In the beginning CashFX got a lot of bad press, CFX is a scam, CFX is a ponzi, it is this, it is that. Most of what you will find on Google is outdated, old and was never accurate to begin with and now that CashFX has been going for over a year now most of the haters have been silenced as CashFX has, and continues to do everything that they said they would. Some of the haters have even joined CashFX!!!

I joined CFX in April 2020 and my experience with them has been flawless. Every week I get paid the amount they say the owe me without fail. Sometimes the payouts can take up to a few days but when that happens they normally put a news item on the homepage to let people know that payments might take a little longer than normal.

Chris joined my team in June 2020 and his experience with CashFX has also been seamless. Both of us are that impressed with CashFX that we have felt 100% comfortable with inviting our family and friends to also join us on CFX and enjoy a passive income too.

I know this is a brief post but I just wanted to let you all know about my and Chris's personal experiences to date with CashFX. We will be providing more fact based evidence moving forward on why we are convinced that CFX is legit.

Stay Tuned.